How to Clear your Cache

When you are working with your chosen web designer to develop a new page or a new website, or you are simply making changes on your own website, sometimes it seems they don’t appear, despite your best efforts.

If you’re certain that you’ve saved your work and still can’t see the changes, it may mean you need to clear your cache.

“Clear my what?”

The cache is a storage of items that is used to enhance your web experience. If you’ve been to a website before, some items from that site may be stored in your web browser’s memory.

This can mean web pages load faster, making your overall browser experience more streamlined. Even though the files are relatively small, having a lot of them can add up and slow down your browsing experience too!

But it can also mean that if your pages are updated, the cache may need to be cleared. This forces the browser to go back to the original source and serve the files fresh – meaning you will now see the updated version of the changes.

Depending on the web browser you are doing there are different ways of achieving this.

Below I have linked helpful guides to clearing your cache for various popular web browsers.

How to Clear Your Cache - a Quick Guide



Microsoft Edge


Still having issues?

If you are still having issues, then you may need to clear your web server cache – contact your web developer or whoever is looking after the technical side of your website – it may be your hosting provider if you are doing your own website and they can help get that done for you.

Be careful when clearing your cache that you don’t clear all your saved passwords or browsing history. These can save you an incredible amount of time by being saved and it can be really frustrating having to remember all those passwords again.

Saving passwords is a subject for another blog, so if you’re interested in finding out about options for doing just that, sign up for my monthly newsletter below to be the first to know and watch this space!

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