Domain Names – What The?

From 24 March 2022, eligible businesses that already own an Australian domain extension like will be able to register a new, shorter, version.

Is it needed?

Can they benefit small businesses like yours?

Yes and No

While you can certainly continue to operate under your and why wouldn’t you when everyone knows that? In fact I wouldn’t recommend moving your web address across.

However, you do want to protect your brand, so registering the .au domain name is vital.

Who is eligible?

Not all business owners will be eligible to register a .au from commencement of this new domain naming protocol.

In the first phase, only users with an existing domain – like or – can apply for priority status to register its exact match in .au form.

You have six months, until 20 September, to complete this process before the .au domains become available for the general population to purchase and register.

From 20 September, any .au domain extension that hasn’t been claimed by the priority owner will be available for anyone to apply for.

Anyone will be able to register the .au domain for their business (even your competitors), irrespective of whether they had another domain name like it before.

The launch of .au is an exciting and significant change in Australian domain naming conventions for 20 years.

If your business is eligible in the first phase, there are lots of benefits to consider applying for your .au domain name now.

Shop Local

Your business domain name is the heart of a local business’ online identity.

People searching for your products or services can confidently engage with you knowing you are a registered Australian business, as you must have an ABN to register a domain name.

The new .au domain name extension may become important in helping you stand out to consumers who want to go out of their way to support local businesses.

So many locals are proudly and passionately supporting local, and a local .au domain can help you have a competitive edge in a crowded online market place.

Time will only tell if consumer behaviour will follow this anticipated trend.

Protect and promote your Brand

To build an effective online identity, it can help if you register multiple domain names and extensions for your digital marketing.
This can help to protect and maintain your business by preventing others (like your competitors) from registering them – even though they don’t have a related business name registered they can still register a domain name that is similar to yours.

The shorter domain name is going to be simpler to promote and there will be no confusion between and or other variations of Australian domain names. The .au domain is also easier for consumers to remember.

It might only be two small letters – or a lack of three small letters but if it makes it easier for your target audience to find you, why wouldn’t you?

For Australian businesses, a strong online presence is no longer optional, it’s essential for getting the word out about your amazing products or services.

Creating an online presence with a strong, local and recognisable digital identity can help to ensure that your business is easy to find, recognise and engage with.

If you’d like to know more about how to register a .au domain name then now is the time to get in touch. We can make the whole process simple for you and you don’t need to do anything else except send an email.

We also help you find alternate domain names that might assist your target audience find your business and offer competitive domain name pricing and discounts for multi-year registrations.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late – September will be here before you know it and the last thing you want is your competition coming up in a search related to your business.


The Australian Cyber Security Centre has recommended that Australian businesses protect their business and brands from the activities of opportunistic cybercriminals by securing your .au domain now.

The agency warned that following the launch of the .au domains on March 24, 2022, cybercriminals may attempt to register domain names using the names of existing domain name holders. For example, if your domain name is, cybercriminals may attempt to register

The agency reminded business that until September 20, 2022, matching domain names would be available to existing matching domain holders only. After this date, any person, including cybercriminals, may register a .au domain name.
It is recommended that every existing domain name holder secure their .au domain before this date to protect their business name and brand.

Where to from here?

It is recommended that every existing domain name holder secure their .au domain before this date to protect their business name and brand.

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