How to know when it’s time for a website refresh

If you’ve had your website looking the same for more than 2 or 3 years then it may be time to consider a website refresh of your look and content.Google loves websites that are frequently updated with new and useful content. If you have a blog site within your website and you use it regularly, at least once a month, to add new content then your site is likely to rank more highly than a competitor’s site that doesn’t have a blog.Fresh, useful content is always a great way to bring more traffic to your site. And when they arrive?…

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3 things you must do before calling a web designer

Before you book that meeting with a new web designer and definitely, before you pick up the phone, there are three key things you need to consider and be able to explain to them.A good web designer will ask you about all of these and it is much more helpful if you are on the front foot and know the answers.Not only does it help steer the conversation and enable the web designer to offer you tailored solutions, it will help clarify the direction your marketing can take. In addition to your website solution there may be other tools your…

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What is the One Thing?

Your Call to Action is a key piece of information on your website. A great website that converts for your business can be different for every business, organisation and company.Whether you are a start-up or you’ve been in business for years, if you don’t know the one thing then your website will not be returning the value that it could for your business.And once you have identified the one thing then everything else about your website should fall into place and support that one thing.It’s a question we ask all of our clients: “What is the One Thing that you…

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Discovery Calls – why do I need one?

Getting your website built or updated can seem like a daunting idea! Many people feel overwhelmed at the technical side of life and just want it done for them – and we love to do that! But there are some things about your business that you know best and once you can share those, we can build you the best website possible to attract more clients, grow your business, and bring more dollars through the door – whether that door is virtual or exists IRL (in real life). When you book a Discovery Call with us, we will take you…

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Domain Names – What The?

From 24 March 2022, eligible businesses that already own an Australian domain extension like will be able to register a new, shorter, version.Is it needed?Can they benefit small businesses like yours? Yes and No While you can certainly continue to operate under your and why wouldn’t you when everyone knows that? In fact I wouldn’t recommend moving your web address across.However, you do want to protect your brand, so registering the .au domain name is vital. Who is eligible? Not all business owners will be eligible to register a .au from commencement of this new domain naming…

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You’ve signed up for a new website – what happens now?

You’ve signed up for a new website – exciting times! Wait - signing up for a new website can be a daunting process! You’ve selected the designer/developer you like and paid your deposit. What happens next? By now I hope you’ve had at least one meeting to set out what you want for your new website. The designer you have engaged should have a good idea about what you are looking for – and so should you!  It is a good idea at this stage, if you haven’t done so already, to identify the types of websites you like the…

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