Online Marketing: How to Know where Your Customer Goes

Have you started thinking about your online marketing strategy for 2021, because maybe, perhaps we might be able to plan a little bit more next year (fingers crossed!) and maybe, perhaps our business might get back to some kind of track?

Before you Begin ...

Before you start plotting and planning the MOST AMAZING Facebook  posts, or locking in your BEAUTIFUL AND CREATIVE Pinterest pins, or allocating your Google Ads budget it is worth reflecting on who your customers are, where they spend their time (both on-line and off-line) and what their behaviour can tell you about what is important to them.

Whether you already have a website for your business or you simply use social media to get the word out, it is important to understand what your customers are doing when they interact with your business online.

If you are considering adding or upgrading a website or another social media presence within your marketing tool kit, then it becomes imperative to understand what your customers are looking for that might lead them to land on your website or Instagram post, Pinterest pin or Facebook page.

It’s also a fantastic time to think about what you want customers to do when they arrive on your existing or soon-to-be-built site or page.

What do you want?

What marketing goals are you trying to achieve through having a online presence?

  • Are you hoping to build brand awareness of your products or services?
  • Considering providing information about what you do and how you do it?
  • Do you need to help people find your products in other shops via your distribution network or in your own shop?
  • Are you looking for people who will pick up the phone and make an appointment with you for your services?
  • Or would you prefer people to contact you through a form and email on your site?
  • Do you want customers to be able to make their own appointments online so you don’t need to pay a receptionist to do that work for you?
  • Have you thought about providing customers with detailed information, specifications sheets, product data or access to other materials that might influence their purchasing decisions?

Knowing exactly what you would like your marketing to achieve can help you maximise your ROI – let’s face it, most small business owners have a limited budget for marketing and we all want to get the most out of what we do invest in marketing.

Getting the most for your online marketing investment

I like to think of online marketing as an ongoing activity. It’s not something you start and finish, celebrating when it’s done. It’s never done. Online Marketing needs to be part of the way you run your business or something that you engage someone else to do to help you run your business.

Here’s my four step process to make it easier and more time-effective, as well as provide a decent ROI on your investment.

4 steps to Online Marketing Mastery


Reflecting to understanding what problem you are solving for your customer is as important as understanding what product or service you provide.

Articulating your ability to solve that problem is paramount. The more time you take to understand the problem that your customers have and how that problem impacts them, the more likely it is that your solution is going to be a great fit for them.


Once you have a good understanding of which problem you are solving, it is then time to put a plan in place. Like most plans, they are living documents that can be flexible and changeable depending on what the year throws at you – we all know that now!

Having a plan at least gives your marketing efforts a launching pad and a pivot point to change from, should it be needed.

The process of developing a plan can help you think through the pros and cons of the approaches you are considering, assess their suitability to your target audience and protect against creative blocks later in the year when you are just not feeling it.

It’s also great to have it planned ahead of time because when you are under the pump, you won’t have to get creative to come up with something – you will already have a plan that is well thought out and strategically aligned to your business and you can just get on with it.


It’s all well and good to have a great plan, but nothing will happen unless you act – you know this! But sometimes even the highest of performers need reminding that action is the most important thing. So even though I know you know, remember to act and act consistently.

One marketing effort, one social media post, one Google ad most likely won’t change your life or your business.

Consistently turning up and delivering on the marketing plan that you set out will build a profile of your business within your target market and keep your brand in people’s minds.

Great marketing will also build your brand in people’s hearts – this takes a concerted effort but is worth it every time!

Remember, not everyone is ready to buy a car the day the car yard opens! You need to keep putting out those flags, opening the showroom, letting people test drive vehicles and blacking the tyres.


There is absolutely no point spending one single cent on marketing if you have no intention of measuring its effectiveness.

There is also no point spending your every waking hour over-analysing your marketing results.  But you do need to find a happy medium.

Review your Google Analytics for your website at least once a month – find out which pages people are visiting and importantly what actions they are taking while they are on your site.

Review the statistics to get a clearer picture of your visitors’ demographics and where they are leaving your site.

Whether you are using paid ads on social media or Google, or simply posting great content on social media you need to be regularly reviewing your reach, engagements, click throughs and likes to see who is engaging, what content is getting the most engagement and think about how you can create more content like that.

At the end of the day, the amount you are spending on advertising should be less than the amount of turnover you are generating from that advertising. If you are not, then it really is time for a major review.

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