Once Upon A Time … How to Tell Stories that Build Effective Customer Engagement

People love stories. We love telling them, we love hearing them, we love sharing others’ stories.

Stories inspire us, fuel our imagination and invoke emotions. Sitting around the campfire or over the dinner table we share stories as part of our culture all the time.

We share the happy, the sad and the frightening. No wonder the movie industry thrives – we love stories!

Being an effective story teller can be a strong piece of kit in your marketing tool bag.

Creating personal stories or stories with creative fictional characters can build your brand and help your target audience resonate with your brand more quickly and personally. 

Stories have the ability to create a unique connection between you and your target audience and existing clients. That connection builds trust.

How often have you heard stories about your favourite businesses and remembered them for days or weeks after hearing them? And the next time you interact with that business might be because you felt connected through the story.

Telling authentic stories about your business can keep customers coming back to you. They can help communicate your unique brand and business values and help you stand out from your competition.

Once people have connected with your brand, they often like to hear the ‘back-story’ of how your business came about and why what you do is important to you.

So what makes a good story?

Be Relatable

The main character of your story needs to be someone your target audience can relate to. If you are the centre of the story, make sure your customers can relate to you.

If your target audience is not people that you naturally gravitate towards, then find something about yourself that they will relate to.

Understanding your target audience helps you to find those gems information about yourself that they can relate to.

I’m not suggesting you fabricate something which is untrue – simply focus on and highlight the aspects of you that you think will resonate well with your audience.

Identify the Problem

Within the story identify the problem or obstacle the central character faces. Is this a problem your customers can identify with?

Make sure your story includes the character’s journey through the problem as they searched for the solution. This can be a serious journey or you can throw some humour in about their quest for a solution.

How was the Problem Solved?

How did your main character eventually overcome the problem? What was the resolution? How did it change their lives? Does it match or reflect the solution your ideal customer is looking for?

Does it match a solution that your business can provide? Show readers how that solution is easy for them to attain.

Use your Brand's Unique Personality to Connect

When developing your story, use your unique voice – whether it is a written story or video, talk normally, like you would to a friend if that is appropriate for your business.

Consider adding in some humour or funny highlights to get people relaxed with your story if that is aligned to your business branding and values.

Consider Alternative Endings to your Stories

Creating alternative endings to your story can build intrigue for your audience and giving them options helps them feel that they are in control of the outcome of their search for solutions.

By giving more than one option, your story will feel less ‘salesy’ and more like a friendly fire-side or over-dinner chat.

Crafting stories is a skill that you can learn over time, through practice, review and application. Seek out others’ stories and look for the values and brand ideals that are shared within those business stories.

Consider what is unique about your business and build a story around that.

For instance ...

Did you know that the Jagged Crow Creative office is powered purely by the sun?

Yes we are off-grid! So every blog that is written, every website that is built is powered by the sun.

Perhaps you are concerned about your impact on the planet too and this is something that appeals to you, or perhaps you are more concerned with engaging with a local female-founded and led business?

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