Do you need a website for your farm?

The benefits of a website can be indirect, which can make them difficult to quantify. Collecting data about the behaviour of your website visitors and what they look at while they are on your site, as well as where they go once they have finished viewing your site can help you tailor your solution to them. It can provide important insights so before you decide whether you need to jump into the digital space, consider these factors.


Gathering a strong email list should be a big goal for your website. 

If you can regularly send updates on your crops, farm happenings, baby animals, and seasonal happenings, you’ll build strong relationships with your customers and potential customers. 

If nobody know how to get hold of your produce, how will you be able to sell it?

Social Proof

No matter how much you tell people how great your farm is, how clean your production methods are and how delicious your produce is, showing them is much more powerful. 

A website not only gives your farm a great online presence, it helps to convey the story of how you produce your unique product, allows you to draw people into the life of the farm and gives you an opportunity to promote products and connect with customers. 

You can also use it as an online ordering system to reduce the time you spend doing administrative work collating orders and sorting through specific customers’’ preferences. They can do it for you with an affordable online order form or online store.

Sales from Digital Traffic

A lot of the traffic to your site will be organic from search engines such as Google. It might be from people looking specifically for what you produce or looking for a local farmer with whom they can build an ongoing relationship.  

Restaurants love the story behind the produce – not only does it help their reputation, it helps build a local food story or prestige in their menu. 

Having an online presence is the only way that you can take advantage of this type of traffic. Some of those web viewers will become customers.

Basic Contact Information

If you want people to make contact, ask questions about availability of your produce that will lead to a sale, subscribe to your email list or perhaps sign up for your spring farm tours, then you will need to have your contact information out there. 

If you have a farm gate stall, then people will need to know when they can come and purchase your produce.

It’s also important for people to know how to contact you if they have feedback (positive and negative) about your produce. 

This let’s you know what people love about your produce and what areas you can improve in to make even more happy customers – and catch and resolve any quality control issues before they become a major catastrophe! 

You may also find people asking for something specific that you hadn’t considered producing, allowing you to consider expanding your product offering and potentially profitability.


These days most people don’t keep a 3-inch thick Yellow Pages on the shelf. They Google it. 

A web site is likely the first resource potential customers will look for. 

A farm web site offers the opportunity to spread your brand, show off your product offerings, and deal directly with potential and current consumers. 

It’s also a great way to share recipes related to your produce or ‘happy customer’ stories and testimonials – giving your farm further social proof that you are good to do business with.

Does your Farm need a Website?

Perhaps you don’t produce enough to be able to supply customers every week or your produce is more seasonal than that and you want to be able to sell only when it’s available.

Perhaps you want to test out your product on a small group of customers first before launching to the world

Perhaps  you have a successful farmers’ market stall, with a group of loyal customers who return every week. 

But even on the days when the sun is shining, the familiar faces are there and everything is good in the world you find yourself scratching your head when you don’t sell out.

You watch people buy more from other stall holders or farmers and you can’t work out why. The unpredictability was bearable when you were first getting started and it was all a novelty. but now you’re wondering if it’s worth it when the cash doesn’t come.

The drive to the market can be cold and lonely. Having a freezer or cold room full of produce that you haven’t moved is frustrating – especially when you know how good it is. 

You’re looking for a way to keep the cash flowing, even if the customers aren’t. Because we all know success in produce sales is dependent on the weather, the weekend and the walk-past traffic.

You don’t want to have to go back to accepting saleyard or wholesale prices that don’t reflect the value of what you do every day.


Getting Started

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