7 tips for Writing Great Copy for Your Website

How do you capture someone’s attention in 2 – 3 seconds? That’s how long you’ve got if you’re on the web. Users generally get a first impression and in that first 3 seconds they decide if they want to stay or go. 

Keep it Short and Simple

Whatever you have to say on your website keep it short and simple. As a race we are distracted by so many things every minute that if you don’t get the reader’s attention fast, you won’t keep it for long either. 

Space your Writing Out

You are the expert on your business, whether you have just started out or have been at it for years. No-one knows it as well as you.  

And guess what? No-one wants to know it as well as you. They just don’t. I’m sorry if that’s harsh, but its reality.

Focus on your Customer

Keep your website focused on your customer.

What do they want? How can your help them? What problem can you solve?

Your website is not about you – its about your customer or client. Make sure they know it.

Avoid Jargon

You are the expert. But that doesn’t mean you have to use industry jargon to prove it. 

In fact using jargon that not everyone understands can be alienating and off-putting. You want them to stay on your site not leave. So drop the jargon. Talk to your customer just like you would in person. If you must use an industry specific term, take the time to explain it in an intelligent and respectful manner. 

Use Great Images

We use the internet with our eyes and great images will be pleasing to people visiting your site. If you use images, make sure they are high quality. There are lots of sites now for great free images that you are allowed to reproduce without breaching copyright. 

Try dreamstime.com or unsplash.com for easy to use websites with great free images and more added on a regular basis. If you choose to use Google images, make sure you select the ones with reuse rights (Select Tools > Usage Rights > Creative Commons Licenses. This will filter out an images which may give you copyright issues.

Use Icons and Click Throughs

Images such as icons with click throughs to other pages or other parts of your page mean you can present less information at one time. Some people love the detail – they will click through. Other people just want the big picture – they will be really happy if you just give them the top level summary and let them choose which details they investigate. Have a look at my home page for a great example of short paragraphs and icons with click throughs.

If you are instructing a web designer to build this for you, then think about how you could group like information into a few key areas and what might sit behind them.

Write it then Cut It

Write your web copy out, then go away for an hour and do something else. Come back to it fresh and cull it. Be harsh on yourself – remove jargon, space out your paragraphs – white space on the page makes it easier to read and keep the reader engaged.

Then check your website on another device to make sure it still looks amazing!

Learn to become your own best editor – it may take a little practice, but it can be fun too, knowing you now have a new skill under your belt.

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