What about me?

Since 1982, courtesy of Moving Pictures, we have been asking “What About Me?” The desire to be heard, seen and to belong is epitomised in this classic 80s hit. But the About page on your website is not the place for you to be seen and heard. What?

I don’t want to be the one to break it to you, but your visitors aren’t really on your site to hear your life story or hear about what’s important to you.

Disappointing I know.

They don’t really care about how you got from where you were to where you are. 

They don’t need to know about your dog or your favourite 80s hit, even if it was what inspired you to set up the business. 

I know right? Who doesn’t want to hear about your dog – after all they ARE your best friend and gorgeous too!

Visitors to your website are there because they think you might be able to help them solve a problem. 

Google has pointed them to your website because it recognises that the information on your site directly fits the question or search they undertook. Or they’ve heard about your brand and want to find out more.

They want to get to know you a little. More about how you can help them. More about how you can add value to their lives and solve the problems that currently face and need to solve.

A great About page isn’t about you at all. Tricky right! 

A great About page is about how you can help site visitors become the person they want to become or have the thing that they are seeking, by solving the problem that they are currently facing.

Whether you are selling plastic wot-nots, life coaching, business services or fitness programs the About page is a great opportunity to reinforce how you can help your visitors.

Compare these two statements:

“Hi I’m Joe Bloggs and this is my dog, Rover [pic of Joe with Rover]. Running with my dog on the beach every day I started to notice that there were not many people with good looking bodies, so I decided I would never be one of them.” [Insert another picture of dog running on beach – or worse, Joe Bloggs’ before shot].

Since my mid 20s I have been focussed on my fitness and I have developed rock hard abs and biceps that get noticed. I am a qualified personal trainer with over 6 years’ experience who specialises in building muscle mass and improving core strength.”

Or this:

“Hi I’m Joe Bloggs and I help men in their early 30s to build muscle mass, improve core strength and have the buff six pack abs they have always wanted. By utilising leading edge training practices, I can help you get ready for summer and have a body that everyone at the beach will admire.

Over the last 6 years I have helped hundreds of men like you achieve buff bodies, improve their overall fitness and build amazing biceps. My training methods are easy to follow, achievable in under 30 minutes a day and can be done from anywhere. 

You will never be ashamed to take your shirt off again.”

Which one would you rather work with? I’m not a man in my 30s but if I was, I think it would be the second one – the one who tells me how I can improve by using his services. Frankly if I’m looking for someone to help me achieve my physical fitness goals I don’t really care how long he has been in business or what his dog looks like – I want to know how he can help me get rock hard abs too.

The second one tells me enough about Joe Bloggs that I get the sense I am on an About page, but also reminds me of why I came here in the first place and makes me want to find out more. 

Use your Analytics

A great way to find out if your About page is working is to have your Google Analytics code set up on each of your website’s pages. Have a look at the statistics and see where people are going after they hit your About page. 

Google Analytics will show you the path that visitors take through your website and where they leave from. If they hit your About page then abandon the site you may have some work to do.

Where to from here?

Having a Call to Action on your About page tells visitors where you want them to go next.

For example, Joe Bloggs might have a free download on his About page entitled “3 quick and easy exercises for improving your core strength”. And of course you download it if he has the second About page because you know Joe can not only help you with your core strength but he can help you build better biceps and improve your abs and you want his secrets for free.

Testimonials can help support your message

Instead of a free download, you might consider encouraging visitors over to some testimonials from other happy customers, who incidentally had the exact same challenges you are trying to solve and, after engaging Joe, were men who were able to take their shirt off at the beach every day over summer and not be embarrassed.

Testimonials serve to reinforce that Joe can help you. Or you could place the testimonials on your About page – in a sense this is what other people say about you – social proof about what you offer, and can be important for gaining new customers. 

Review and Re-draft

Whatever you sell, be it products or services, it is a good idea to review your About page on a semi-regular basis. 

Why not take a look at what others do on theirs and think about whether you would want to engage further with them or if you would be one of those visitors that simply leave and never come back because the “ick” factor was just too high.

You want visitors to want to hang around and engage your services or buy your products, so make it really clear to them about how you can help them. 

Use clear, specific, direct language. Keep it succinct and focused on them.

By focusing your About page on your target audience, it will be easier for them to take the next step in working with you. 

Everyone wants to know “What about Me, just like Moving Pictures did in the 80s. Use that as your guide when writing your About page – but the Me is your customers or clients – not you. 

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