What if your business easily attracted new customers who understood your brand, your values and your unique selling proposition every day?

It can! And it’s not as hard as it looks…

Does any of this sound familiar?

Unsure how to attract and reach your ideal clients?

You know there are plenty of people who would love your brand, your products or your services if only you could get them to notice you. You feel like you’ve tried every strategy on Google, Linked In and Twitter, but you don’t seem to be turning that into real impact – to your clients or your bottom line.

Trying out all the digital marketing things without seeing results?

You’re spending a lot of time trying out all the major platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn and you just don’t feel like you’re getting the results you want for all that time you’ve spent …. and the money!

Losing your marketing mojo?

You aren’t seeing much engagement with your posts? And images are going nowhere? It really is exhausting coming up with new ideas every week or every day to keep your brand alive. 

Do you just want to do the thing you love and not worry about the marketing?

Frustrated or confused by all the information online?

You’re sick of wasting time trying to research how to best reach your preferred customers. 

You’re hearing the same advice and conflicting advice all at once and you don’t want your business to become a research lab for what might and might not work sometime in the future – you need to it work NOW.

Sick of spending all your spare time trying to figure out how to make the difference to your business?

You spend most evenings and at least part of your weekends thinking about where you can get more business, better paying clients and make a bigger impact in the world and you’re exhausted from it all. And you want your life back.

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of these?


You are in the right place.

This course empowers, equips and supports you in your journey of building your business through the clarity and focus you uncover as you work through each module. I highly recommend you start the discovery of this digital world, you will become a mastermind! 

Tina B, Educator and Small Business Owner

The Truth is …

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you want to:
  • hit new goals for your business
  • create the life and business you have dreamed of
  • get back some of your weekend
  • connect your brand with more people so you can make a difference
  • Then you need to do  something different.

    The Digital Marketing Mastermind gives you a deeper look and great insight into the different marketing platforms. It provides useful strategies to decipher which platforms are most suited to your business. This allow you to save time when allocating precious time to your business marketing portfolio.

    Angela G, Health & Wellness Mentor, Skin Therapist

    Imagine a world where you could ...

    Constantly attract new clients and customers who are excited about your products or services,  keep coming back to you and tell their friends!

    Authentically make an amazing impact on the world. Your business becomes the benchmark in your industry, you start winning awards and you fall asleep each night knowing you are making a difference in people’s lives.

    Your business continually grows organically, without the push and hussle of working on social media all weekend. Say goodbye to spending thousands of hard earned dollars on ads which don’t deliver. You see consistent demand and growth.

    You have extra hours in your day to create more amazing services and products, or spend life doing other things which are important to you – spending time with the kids or grandkids, or getting away for a few days with your partner. 

    Feel confident in your marketing strategy. No more second guessing yourself of spending hours on pointless research reviewing conflicting advice. You know that what you are doing is efficient and effective!

    Run your business the way you have always dreamt about. Leading from the front, setting the example and changing lives – your own life and the lives of your clients.

    WHY NOT?

    You can achieve all this by consistently using the right digital marketing tools more strategically and deliberately.

    Thank you so much for your help in making my little knowledge base increase and assisting me to give consideration to more refined marketing!

    Carolyn B, Nail Technician

    Digital Marketing Mastermind

    Digital Marketing Mastermind is my 10-week program where you’ll learn about all the major players in the digital marketing world, and develop and test plans to maximise their use.

    Discover the strategies that other successful businesses use to their advantage.

    These are the same tools I have taught customers to use to:

    And the Best Part?

    You’ll learn all of these tools in a professionally curated environment with like-minded business owners who will be on the journey with you.

    I would love to re-do this program when I reset my business focus! Thank you!

    Steph A, Life Coach


    Learn Digital Marketing


    • 10 modules  delivered once each week – you can complete them at your own pace! And learn and test different strategies as you go!
    • Learning and sharing focused around digital marketing platforms and marketing tools
    • Time for strategising the best approach for your unique business and target market
    • Be part of a ready-made accountability group to keep you on track
    • Opportunities to get hands on and try out your strategies for each tool in a safe environment
    • An opportunity to give and receive feedback on your marketing strategies


    • Workbooks and checklists with tips and tricks which will build each week into your go-to resource for all things Digital Marketing.
    Digital Marketing Mastermind Course
    Web Design | SEO for Facebook


    • Private access to an exclusive Facebook group for ongoing support from me and from your peers in the group throughout the program.

    If you are thinking you need to do DMM, then you do.

    Because if you even THINK it might help you clearly need this!!!

    Deb L, Celebrant

    What You'll Learn


    Learn how to define your target audience, focus on what makes YOU unique (so your competition becomes irrelevant) and identify your Unique Value Proposition.


    Get the best engagement with your Facebook page through organic and paid growth. Discover the secrets to creating a targeted Facebook Ad campaign and how to reach more people for less spend.


    I’ll show you the ins and outs of creating beautiful images for any platform with Canva. We’ll explore free photo libraries and learn how to make your own graphics with LogoMakr so you can create posts that attract your target market.


    We’ll uncover #hashtags and how to find the right ones for connecting with your tribe. Learn how to gain followers, create Instagram ready images and share those across different platforms to save your time.


    Spoiler Alert: It’s not a resume service! In this module I’ll teach you how to set up your personal profile, how to create a business profile and when to share posts on Linked In. We’ll also discuss Linked In etiquette to make sure you stand out for all the right reasons!


    Discover the mystery that is Pinterest and learn how to use it to grow your business. I’ll show you how to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest business page, how to create pin-worthy images and you’ll learn how to automate pinning to save you more time!


    Learn how to write emails that don’t go to Junk folders and actually get opened. Together we’ll develop a schedule for your regular emails so you don’t have to think about it again this year.  And we’ll have a look at some of the top email marketing tools and their pros and cons.


    If you haven’t already we’ll set up your Google for Business account and take you through the basics of creating Google ads that really work. I’ll show you tricks for finding the keywords that will convert your searchers to site visitors and you’ll discover that locality targeting is easier than you first thought.


    Learn how to turn those Google search visitors into returning traffic by creating a website which helps your lookers to connect with you. I’ll show you how to analyse where your site visitors are going on your site and where they are leaving so you can improve their online experience.


    Together we’ll create an achievable marketing plan for the next 12 months that will take your business to the next level. Identify your key business strengths, hone in on the digital tools that are right for your business and get a great return on your ad spend.

    I have a MUCH better understanding of Marketing and Business and how to use Social Media!​

    Christine T, Healthcare Practitioner

    This is not a one-size-fits-all training. It is bespoke marketing education and support for you in a private group of entrepreneurs on the same journey.

    Think about where you want to be in 12 months’ time …

    Do you have a proven plan to get there?

    You can use all the tools, strategies and techniques taught in this Digital Marketing Mastermind to help you achieve your traffic and customer goals faster than sitting at home every Saturday night trying to figure it out.

    Even if you are just starting out in business, have one client and have no idea how to get your next customer, the Digital Marketing Mastermind can take you to the next level.

    Who is the Digital Marketing Mastermind for?

    You are your best business asset: you’re focused on growing your business. To support this you need to create personal growth so you can accelerate the growth and upscale your impact.


    Here are the people that Digital Marketing Mastermind is NOT for:

    Could I just find the information for free online?

    You can find just about anything online these days, but does that mean it’s actually valuable? Not always! One of the reasons I created this Mastermind is because people still like to talk about what they are doing, gain feedback and learn from others. 

    This professionally curated Mastermind gathers the best of the information available online and pairs it with rapid learning, online discussion, time to apply the strategies that are taught and accountability within the group.

    This would be a big investment, is it really worth it?

    While it may be an investment, you know that you need to invest money in your business and in your biggest asset – you  if you want things to change. 

    Imagine how much time and money you could be wasting over the next 12 months by NOT getting involved!

    "If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got."
    W. L. Bateman

    It’s your time to do big things.

    If you want to grow your business, increase your impact in the world and take your digital marketing to the next level then this is the Mastermind you need to make it happen.


    Running a small business is all about continuous improvement. We need to be dynamic, always learning, and always adding value.
    Alison Vidotto
    CEO, Push!/Founder Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam
    Digital Marketing Mastermind Supported by Onkaparinga